Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This has been the year for numbers so far. Especially juvinal 3-7lb carp. Bigger fish will come.  The good news is the water levels are dropping a little and we have a year round Carp on the fly fishery so there is plenty of time. Until then, the youngsters are gonna have some sore lips.


McTage said...

Nothin wrong with that! They are fun regardless of size. Do you find that the juvies are way more aggressive to a stripped or moving fly than the bigguns? Seems that way in CO usually.

David McKenzie said...

over all yes. It depends on where around here though. We get TONS of poaching and bait fishing pressure but when you find unmolested fish that is usually the case. I guess that goes for most fish anywhere. So far Ive gone undected by the meat crowd and the fishing is good.