Thursday, August 25, 2011

The other gold..

It was great to get back out and chase some Carp. It's been a couple of weeks..Fishing was solid with 5 fish for 3 hours on about a dozen shots. Nothin big..4-6lb class. I had some cool grabs this afternoon that made the day..The first was a fish that caught a visual of movement and charged the fly from 2-3ft. No mistake there. I couldn't have pulled it away if I wanted too. The second was one where the fly hit the water almost on top of the fish just behind the gills and she spun around and pounced. This fish felt the fly and was on the money..The third was a  a very shallow(less than foot) lazy grazer coming toward me (my favorite) and I put the fly about two feet in front of the fish. It seemed like 15 minutes before the fish caught up with the bug. I popped the fly, the fish stopped and just barely showed a quick pop motion and sucked the bug up. Good to get back out.

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