Sunday, November 29, 2009


I can add this one to the list... Not that common in North America but there is a few places with them established. They have a huge following with the Euro anglers. Most Tench in the states seem to be in private waters for some reason. I was suprised how scrappy they are for there size. Fine scales similar to trout and an interesting slime coat that is said to heal wounds of other fish and humans. It's an intersting fish. They feed primarily on plankton as fry and move onto the incect world very simalar to trout. they can be had with a fly rod or bait. I caught half a dozen with the biggest pictured below. The first 4 were little guys about 12"..The biggest one was 17+ inches, thick and close to 3lbs. In Europe they exceed 8lbs pretty regularly in both lakes and rivers. The lake is teaming with Tench and quality carp in the 10-18lb range. I also caught a few Crucian "ghost carp" today. They are deap bodied fish about 4lbs and fight like hell. They have a sort of washed out color pattern, hence the name ghost carp. The three big fish I landed were a hand full on 8lb test. I had a net today and that made things way more effecient. The weather was great at about 70 degrees..I kinda wish I had brought some flies to fish the surf perch as the Ocean was flat calm with knee high breakers at Pleasure point this morning. Perfect conditions!

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