Sunday, November 22, 2009

Carp on the fly...

I'm obsessed with these fish. They are sooo frustrating and so simple at the same time. I fished Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I blanked. Had two half hearted grabs but just couldn't get a good presentation on them with an 8wt and blew most of the shots. Fish were everywhere with a nice warm fall day in the high 60s. The 8 was just too clunky for close in fish and most of them made me. I went back this morning detirmined not to skunk. I changed up to a 5wt with a clear/camo intermediate and stayed as low and stealthy as I could. All the fish I caught were in less than 12" of water so stealth was key. The changes helped, today I had 7 solid takes and stuck 6 of those. I did spook a few but over all there were way less fish in the shallows today vs yesterday with temps in the low 40s last night. They came in singles or schools of less than 5 fish. They were slow to get going and I wasn't sure they were going to get up in skinny water at all, after only seeing half a dozen fish the first three hours. They started moving in about noon and it was steady all afternoon but they seemed to locate closer to the main lake than on saturday. The sun was in and out and that didn't help but all in all a fun time and they really scream on a 5wt! There isn't any human cover so I camped at one of the only stick ups and used that as a blind and it worked out well. Weather was cool and Fall is here!

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