Monday, April 16, 2012

Fishing recap

I havn't been posting as often as I should and frankly the fishing hasn't been all that consistant with one front after another. It's been kind of a slow spring for me. I did get out the last couple of weeks and was able to get a couple of Carp to grab, Stripers and Bass are moving around too. Local ponds are all in great shape as are the lakes. Moving water doesn't open till the last weekend in April and I know those will be great for Carpin. Can't wait for that to get going.

Ive been eye balling a small shallow lake from google earth that I finally located. Really strange place. It does a have a good poplulation of carp but it looks like the poachers and bank fisherman have found it too. Random shit floating around and spooky fish so I didn't stay long. Maybe once we get some hot weather I'll give it another go. Here is what I found on my first visit...

This falls into the random shit catagory

Striper on the fly is good for numbers of small fish as of late so I spent most of the time looking for shallow carp on some clear hard bottom flats. I was able to get three shots on three individule monsters. All three were in the 35-40lb range. It was very excited to be casting to this kind of quality. I'll be more excited when I stick one though!  I'll be back with a different angle. I may hike in or take my small skiff, beach it and come in on foot. Clear water reservior Carp are tough as hell from a boat and best approached on foot in my opinion. Stay tuned and we'll see what happens. One of those beasts came off a shallow flat and showed up before I could put a fly on her..I was able to get a quick photo of that fish. So broad and heavy! A Beautiful fish.  They were moving in two's and three's around small off shore islands, points and any other west facing hard bottom areas.

Looking directly into about 10" of water


Shoreman said...

I just can't understand why people have to be such pigs.


Gregg said...

Very nice! I actually have a photo from my disposable of about 2doz. large grass carp you can actually see. But nothing like the clarity of your camera that cut through the glare nicely. Hope you hook up with a monster.


J. said...

Great pictures. it's sad that people are soirresponsible with out waterways, ponds and lakes. I always have to be cleaning up after te no-goods that fish at my spot in Colusa. Did you catch the striper at that same lake with the rubber ducky? Where is that btw?

Daniel said...

I just found your blog through someone who commented on mine. Great pictures and stories, keep up the great blog. :D