Saturday, April 28, 2012

Clear water Carp

Sight fishing for Carp never gets old. By far the the most satisfying way to target them for me is on clear skinny water. Usually more challenging but being able to see the eat with such clarity is awesome. I'm always surprised and stoked when a well placed fly is inhaled. The flip side is blowing a good shot and the frustratingly edgy fish. It's a game, and it's lots of fun. A little wind helped me out today by breaking up the surface a tad and also masking a few bad casts as they were pretty spooky and not tolerating a shitty presentation. Being able to get lots of shots on new fish helps too.

 Fishing has been steady for smaller Carp like today and it's shaping up to be a decent year. Not a tremendous amount of spawing, just pre spawn males moving around in large schools. Stripers are still chewing pretty good and Shad are right around the corner. Really looking forward to getting out on the salt, perhaps next weekend if the ocean is good. Leaving Monday for my anuall few days in Nevada to chase fish and looking forward to getting back out to the desert. It's awesome out there..

On the way to the house I stopped off on couple of creeks to see whats crackin since today was the state trout opener. Possibly the smallest fish on a dry Ive ever caught! Lots of dinks to about 8" in every hole and I took a good whipper and damn near destroyed a camera and my ankle. Saw nothing of any size but it was good to do some creek hoping.


Trevor Tanner said...

Now THAT is kikin babies. They sure are pretty when they are that size and the markings are 3/4 of the fish though. Glad to hear the clear water is treating you well on the carp. Nothing better.

Shoreman said...

Good luck up the hill.