Saturday, September 10, 2011


Our fish are still holding in a summer pattern. Weather here is hot, in the 90s and dry as hell. Started out early for Sripers and was off the water with boat on the trailer by noon. That went pretty well with several nice fish early. Harrasing Stripers in the afternoon heat will lead to dead fish so I flew home and re grouped for an afternoon of Carp. Spooky fish made for some challenging sight fishing.  Not sure why they were so jumpy since I havn't messed with them here for about a week. Only my old tracks so I know they arent getting hammered. Thats Carp I guess. I ended up with 5 eats in 4 hours.

One broke me off then the next fish came unbuttoned after one of those rapido head shakes and tossed the fly, followed by a couple of ridiculous blown shots. Fishless at this point, I took a breather and sat for about 10 min to clear my head. Watched from there as a fish settled into a strong tail coming at me and got back at it. Over the next hour I was able sneak up on three to close it out.  I can not believe how a fun this carp fishing is. I really like the days where you have to earn it. Size was from 18" to about 6lbs on all the fish I put the fly infront of. We STILL have way higher water than normal and it will be late October before I can get on my regular flats. Right now i'm forced to fish isolated flats with lots of smaller fish.


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Congratulations on the catch