Monday, June 13, 2011

Santa Cruz

The ocean has been snotty for what seems like forever. Seems like every time I can go, the winds or swell is  honking or we have another front moving in. With the weather so unpredictable this year, i'm not taking chances in my skiff.  When I looked at the weather yesterday it was looking like today was my day so I jumped on it. A few in Flies first thing and then I switched to swimbaits and thats what caught the quality. Plenty of  Rockfish, Lings and especially Halibut. I was able to scratch four Halibut in as many hours. All of them were quality and fun as hell on light tackle. I took the one pictured for the table and let the other three go. We;ll eat good tonight. Beautiful day on the water with light weekday traffic all along the coast.

Santa Cruz Harbor
Baby Ling
Santa Cruz Boardwalk

California Halibut

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