Sunday, June 26, 2011

River fishing..

Smallies, Largemouth, Spotted Bass and the elusive Squaw fish. Squawfish are so misunderstood and get no respect..Ha. Largemouth fishing was pretty damn good once we found them. Everything else we had to pick and scratch for. Awesome weather and great California Delta sunset!


Sanders said...

I've never seen a squaw fish, kinda looks like a cross between a walleye and a whitefish. pretty cool looking fish. misunderstood or not...ha!

David McKenzie said...

I like em and target Squaw's if I run into them. AKA Sacramento Pike Minnows and native to the West Coast. Take artificials and flies with out hesitation and the eats are great. They also get pretty good size, especially in lakes. The down side is they arent the best fighters. Considered trash fish and abused by many by killing for no reason.