Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bass Fishing..

The north central part of California arguably has some of, if not the best bass fishing in the world. Clear lake just to the North with increadible numbers of 7-10lb Largemouth. The California Delta an easy drive and world class! The lesser known Mother Load Lakes with some of the finest Largemouth and Spotted Bass fishing you could wish for. If you love Bass Fishing you want to live here.

I spent roughly 25 years seriously chasing bass. No other specie really mattered to me and I had complete tunnel vision when it came to fishing. Years of Tournaments led to guiding and guiding led to some great freindships and an inconsistant income...To look at what bass fishing was like when I was really getting going in the 80s in High School, to what it has become now is soooo different.

Not all bad, just a different scene. While I had some of the best times of my fishing life bass fishing and met so many wonderful souls thru it, the nagativity and ridiculous pressure to keep up pushed me in another direction for a while. The guys today, dont seem as tight as we once were and everyone is so damn secretive about everything. Those anglers suck the fun out of it for me. Maybe its the money, maybe its the intranet? Maybe I was just burnt or could it have been I was intimidated by all the very skilled younger guys coming up that this area produces? Who knows and who cares, I just did not enjoy it anymore and my confidence spun out I guess.

The last few years I have spent a considerable amount of time enjoying other species all over the country and south of the boarder. I still fish for bass ofcourse, but not 200 days a year as I once enjoyed. I also jones for trout and new saltwater specie's with fly rods. I have never really crossed over from bass tackle to fly rods for Bass Fishing. Its not that it isn't effective. No way, flies slay em! I just can't cover water and pattern fish in a timely matter like I can with gear. Not even close and that will never change. I enjoy throwing large plugs too much.

Monday I'm taking off for a week of Smallies with some trout on the fly thrown in as an after thought. I'm pulling my bass boat on this trip and I'm super stoked and really energized for the first time in a long time, to go Bass Fishing!..Heres a few bass pics from another time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is making a Bass fishing statement there. Pictures are the proof. Very nice post.

Anonymous said...

Good luck this coming week! The fishing is expected to be getting better.