Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Cruz Surf..

After a 60 something hour work week, that also included Saturday, I slept in till 7!! I took a quick look at some local freshwater that was on the verge of being blown out. I decided to head toward the beach and see if I could catch some perch in the surf. I seem to do well with Surf Perch Dec-Feb and especially during fronts if there's some rain. I was suprised and happy too see very few people and calf high breakers where I wanted to fish. There was a good rip but the swell/rollers were canceled out by a large point about a half mile away. It was easy fishing with many perch with in 15 feet of where I was standing. Anybody could catch em!

I threw 3 inch grubs on a light spinning rod. Both motor oil and a little red shad grub worked but the red shad with anchovie smelly jelly out fished everything else I tried. All Barred Surf Perch except for one Walleye Perch. I have a caught HUGE Pile Perch and a couple of years ago a pig Red Tail on this beach so you never know. On almost my last cast I stuck a nice one that came off in the surf. I wanted that one! It was a nice 12-13in perch.

I kept saying to myself that if it started to rain I was outta there but it just drizzled off and on and never really rained. It was pleasant but the water was coooold. All of that for tough photo taking!

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