Sunday, December 27, 2009

Monterey Bay Surf

With other fishing prospects looking so so and wanting to stay close to home I hit the beach..I contemplated steelhead in the San Lorenzo River and even brought gear but the beach looked great. LOTS more tourist folks to deal scattered all over the beach.. I hate to be rude but they walk up behind you and ask the same damn questions over and over..I need some more remote spots to go look at. Surf was flat depending on where you were and the fishing wasn't too bad. 4 hours gave up 6 perch, two Jack Smelt and one fish that came off I didn't see.

The size today was impressive and they pull like hell for there size, I will give them that. Weather was wonderful at the beach. A family from Norway was stripped down and IN the water..They were in Heaven and it was kind of funny to watch em. Light winds and warm sun helped to deal with the cold water. I cast a fly rod for the first hour and landed one barred surf perch. I havn't got that sorted out 100%. I don't like the feel of dragging 60 dollar fly lines accross the sand. I switched over to a 7'6" light spinning rod w/ 10lb braid and flouro leader, pink 2 inch grub and started getting bit. I like the braid w/ flouro top shot set up..great feel and positive hooksets. I'll get the fly rod thing figured out as I learn how to fish for these guys.

The Perch stalker was there again today. It's this local guy that has shown up EVERYTIME i'm fishing this one area. He's a Sushi Chef at a local place.. Today he followed me to a beach about a mile away?? WTF. Seems like a nice enough guy but I hope I can shake him. Everytime I release a fish he reminds me how good they are to eat. He stands directly behind me and I always feel like I'm going to get him with a back cast. Kinda wierd.

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