Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Coming to an end..

Another year passed. Crazy how fast time flies. The holidays were good. We spent it in the country, had some family fun and a few fish were caught. Cannot complain!

High flying Sandhill Cranes

Slabs to be had on the fly right now. Not a great fighting fish by any means but worthy and tasty!

Couple of Bows caught on xmas day.

 Carp on the Fly is excellent in winter around here. Especially tidal/ marsh fish.  Lots of shots on clearwater cruisers. Most in the 7-10lb range this time of year with an occasional teener. Its the kind of challenging fishing I like and wait for all year long. The water cleans up and makes it much more visual and fish don't have an agenda besides food. Sunday was picture perfect for winter Carpin.



Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Happy New Year, Dave.

Gregg said...

Wish my year was as productive! As with Mark, Have a great New Year!