Saturday, June 15, 2013

Koi hybrid..

I caught this unusual fish the other day. Clearly has some Koi influence with the fin tips. Also, a different looking dark band around the mid section.  I thought it was a neat and different looking fish. I have seen a few Koi on this water but have not stuck one yet.  Trout has slowed down a little but a few will still grab a streamer.

Have a good weekend


Jorge said...

I agree with you David, it seems to be a koixcommon hybrid. At thr reservoir where I catch koi it's not unusual to catch hybrids too.

William Henry said...

koi were developed in japan from the common carp. when the carp were harvested from rice paddies, the ones with markings like what you caught were set aside. Later these carp were bred for their colorful markings.


David Romanillos said...

Hí David, fly fishing for Carp is nice and if you catch a "mixed" Carp is wonderful.

JM said...

Unusual fish. Glad you got some good pics of it. Cool that it gets more comments about it's looks than a "bow".