Saturday, May 18, 2013


Some how Blogger deleted my last post and wouldn't let me log in, etc etc. It's become such a hassle I'm real close to just canning this blog.  Anyway, I'm targeting Stripers, Shad and Carp as of late. Fishing is good and weather is fantastic after the last heat wave.  Right now I'm spending most of my time on tidal water Carp. Water tends to be more turbid but the fish have less pressure and eat flies like there is no tomorrow. Off to Florida at the end of the month to kick around for a week or so. Would like to try my hand on some Grassies while I'm there but Snook will be the main target with Tarpon and whatever else I can scratch up. 

Here are a few recent photos..

Four Rattler encounters in one morning boy's and girl's. Keep one eye on the GROUND.

I found a huge school of fish eating fry on a large mud flat.

Put a whoopin on a few before it was all over

A nice fish  could not a get a good shot on.

New Water..Poor access over all but I found a few fishable areas

Serious bush whacking at this place..

Pay off was a couple of decent fish and four ticks


Gregg said...

Love your reports, put up with the blogger, enjoy your blog too much to have it leave!


David McKenzie said...

Thanks man. Not kill it all together but perhaps another format or provider. I don't want a .com website. Since I'm not fishing for a living. went through that with my guide service e years ago and like having the free option. Anyway, it's working today!

David Romanillos said...

Without words, excellent¡

Freakin_josh said...

Awesome reports and nice pictures.
I catch shad in that same spot :] I have picture on my account.
Have you fished for carp near Redwood city?

David McKenzie said...

Hey Josh..Ive gone up to RC Carp once in a while..More often I launch my skiff over at the ramp there and mess around in the sloughs for sharks.

Freakin_josh said...
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David McKenzie said...

I actually do get out to LB. Hey brother, I normally don't give out specific locations here though. I'm not the only one going out there and marking spots on line can jack it up for you, me and others. Feel free to email me if you want To talk fishing... Thanks!

Freakin_josh said...

Will do bro deleted my last post.