Sunday, April 21, 2013

The best Carp water..

is always the hardest to get at around here. I bush whacked about a half mile through neck high nettles, mustard & thistle to peep a slough that I know holds some decent un pressured fish.  The fishing was fantatic and worth thr trek! A good number of solid fish were landed and I left them after my water ran out. Weather here is in the high 80s right now and will be touching into the 90s in central California in the next few days. Perfect fishing weather! I have a friend coming out from Florida and this will be the place for him to stick his first Carp on the fly.

After the Carp scout I went to the backcountry trail head in the Intercoastal range just east of my house. AKA Diablo Range extends from Mt Diablo south about 100 miles. Its a vast upland wilderness full of life. Summer is hot, dry and did I say hot? This time of year its an emerald green wonderland of oaks and Ponderosa Pine on the ridge tops. Just Beautiful. There are some great Bass lakes pock marked all over but the best ones require multipule day back country camping to get to. Now is the time to do that, I just dont know if I have the drive or time to punch to them this year before the heat sets in.

Almost to the top of the ridge

Oaks are so vibrant this time of year

Interior of the Diablo Range

SW perch. Monterey Bay is off in the distance



Gregg said...

Nice stuff! I jumped in an oak once in preference to manzanita. Awesome country, digger pines also, madrones, so neat them, and it was hot. Love your carpin!


Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

That is the thing about our area. It goes from the green of spring to the brown of summer in a heartbeat. Best to enjoy it while it's still green.

David Knapp said...

That area looks beautiful. Is it all public land?

Anonymous said...

Nice, my wife is from near Mount Diablo. I was up there once, would you have been far from Mount Diablo itself?

David McKenzie said...

Some private, some public. My brother has a couple of hundred acres to romp around in a really remote section. The main state park Is smack in the middle ( Henry Coe SP) is massive and has some great back country fishing and camping but it is a seriously long way in. Excellent warm water fishing For those with the energy!

Mt Diablo is further north about 40-45 miles.

Trevor Tanner said...

Dang man, it is snowing here. 90 you say?!?!?!?!?!

David McKenzie said...

They actually got it right.. 90+ when I rolled into driveway at 3 pm. Nice sea breeze tonight though. . Yeah I saw it was snowing in!