Sunday, August 12, 2012

Recent fishing

Carpin remains steady and I snuck away to the high country for Goldens and Brookies. All in all a good week!

Were pretty fortunate here in California that one could fish the surf for Stripers in the morning and be in the Sierra backcountry by dinner..This week I spent a few days in Sierras, and for the most part the fishing was ok for this time of year. With a 4wd and willingness to to hump some hills one can find some good fishing and few humans. The fishing wasn't wide open but we caught our share and had a great time. Primary target was Goldens on some small lakes but found the Brookies were looking up and the size was very repectable for Brookies in the 10,000' range. All in all a great trip!

First light

Break on the trail

Struck gold!


Mark Kautz/Shoreman said...

Hard to choose which is more beautiful, the Golden or the Brookie.


Fish Whisperer said...
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Fish Whisperer said...

David, really great images. Sometimes I miss the mountains, then I remember how cold it gets and the feeling goes away.
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