Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dog days..

of summer around here can be blistering or cool marine layered mornings followed by wind. My plan was to pcik on some Stripers but the damn wind was honkin again early this morning. After watching the wind for an hour or so I decided to salvage the day and hit some carp. Overcast cool morning with some wind made things a little challenging early on with glare but from a high vantage point it was clear they were all over the flats so I settled in and tried to find good visual angles and cast at tailers. It was  clear they were spooky and some foot prints indicated there might have been some night fisherman around last night. It was one here one there type of day. Also had one come unbuttoned and a leader failure. Enough shots and fish to keep it interesting though. After the clouds burned off it was a pretty nice day around 80. The one fish that came unbuttoned actually did a rapid head shake that was amusing..The fish was coming at me and grabed with out tension and just shook like mad in place till it spit the bug. I've obviously had some spit flies but nothing like that!

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Gregg said...

Good looking water, I lust!