Monday, May 7, 2012

Pyramid Lake, Nevada

About this time of year I make the drive up to Pyramid. The dates seem to be between the 15th and the first of May. The fishing varies between excellent and frustratingly tough year to year. Last year was tough as nails and I think I caught 10 fish in two very long days.  This year I had the chance to fish it in January with decent winter results so I was looking forward to this trip. My friend Paul was out from Florida and he went up Monday and I followed Tuesday. As soon as I parked and made my way to the first beach I knew it was going to be a good day. I was able to put the fly in front of a nice  hen right off the bat and she tracked and ate really aggressively.  I hadn't even geared up so I landed and took a photo of that fish quickly and hauled ass back to the truck and sorted out gear about the same time Paul showed.

 Long story short, we put together about 2 dozen fish on the fly by days end. Wind built steadily all day and topped out with a steady 15-24kt north wind. It worked in our favor to conceal are shadows with the clear water.  Lots of short strikes and missed chances but still pretty decent results and with the exception a couple of fish, we saw every take. It was a lot of fun. Nothing exceptional in terms of size but these fish are beautiful and I was pretty stoked. Paul was done for this trip and heading back so I went back out at day break with flat calm overcast conditions conditions. Tough morning with three fish landed blind casting to green water drop offs and sinking lines. Fun, but lots of work. About noon I decided to call it and start heading toward the Bay Area. I was really reluctant to not stay for the afternoon bite but I hate coming back over the hill at night after 12 hours of fishing. Just about every fish was caught on small Clousers and 5wt sticks. So, another Pyramid trip in the books. Beside the fishing, I spent some time trying to get close to a small band of Mustangs in one of the valleys. The mares and foals kept pushing but a lone Stallion let me get somewhat near and seemed a little curious about me. Also saw Antelope.



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Shoreman said...

Interesting lake, Pyramid. Rumor has it that there is a connection between the lake and the ocean. Story goes that a guy drowned in Pyramid and his body washed up on the coast. Good place for watching the Mustangs and if you get lucky, a Pronged Horned Antelope or two.