Tuesday, January 3, 2012


A new year brought a nasty flu/cold bug. I probably should have stayed home but I traditionally fish new years day. Have for years and decided to give it a shot. I had plenty of medicine running through my system and put in a long day. Fishing was ok for a January day with awesome weather and  boat traffic was non existant.

I spotted a Road Runner actually being stocked by a raggedy ass Coyote. So, I guess it does happen Ha! I wasn't exactly sure what this one was creeping up on then I saw the Road Runner head up the hill. I dont see a many of the birds but there is a population here. He booked it up the hill and I was able to get a poor shot.

On the Carp front. They started moving around with the warm weather. I was able to get 3 shots on about a dozen fish sighted in a small city retention pond. access isn't that great but i'll be hitting it again in the next couple of days. There metabolizm is really slow and they are really a test of patience in the winter but they will eat if I stay after them.

look close


McTage said...

Nice! I got whooped on New Years day. Jealous.

Carlos Rubio said...

Hi, congratulation for the captures ! and happy new year!
Here, in Segovia (SPAIN) the winter is no cold like other years, but it is difficult to go fishing... Just pike. Carps and trout in march-april...

T.J. Brayshaw said...

Nice pictures. I'm curious - how many of your fishing shots are self portraits? And if so, what's your set up? (I'm thinking in particular about the shot of you on the bow, hooked up to a nice fish.)

Gregg said...

Us carp guys spotted the fish easy enough. I got skunked the 4th. on carp, colder here, but I should have seen more activity than I did. I emphathize with poor access.

Good luck the remainder of the new year!


David McKenzie said...

T.J, yes normally I have a camera and just flexible and traditional tripods but that shot was taken by a friend.

Gregg/McTage...these are really tough carp. Right now I think are focused on tiny bug larva. I got some really good shots the last couple of days and they refused everything I fed them. Didn't spook or blow out, just ignored al my flies. I'll down size to smaller nymphs or even try some egg patterns you suggested Glenn. They are slowly crawling all over the shallows so on e I find the bug that triggers a response I'll be good to go..

Gregg said...

Hey David,

Just seeing carp excites me. I honestly think an egg tie would work. I use eggs in light colors in size 6, and 10, mostly. Not glo-bugs as they are spun and packed yarn, most often mottled. I can use yarns not often associated with egg flies also this way. I have pictures on Mr.P's Blog and the CAG flyfishing forum if you are interested. Let me know if ever you try and they either work or do not.

Best, Gregg