Thursday, December 15, 2011


It seems about this time every year, guys and gals that put a lot of time on the water kind of look back on  there year from a fishing perspective. I fished 120 days to this point. Put up 80+ reports on this blog alone. Some of those reports are trips or include multipule days of fishing. Thats about average for me. Some years more some years a little less. I tried to make a more concerted effort to report on my fishing good or bad and hope to keep that up.  I had a blast this year from Goldens in the Sierra's, Nevada Cutties to the Kelp beds of Monterey Bay. Alaska, San Diego and everything inbetween. Met unique and intersting people and lots of good times.

The year started on San Diego Bay 1/1/2011
Highlight catch wise for me wasn't any particular fish but passing the 100 Carp on fly in a year goal. I don't usually measure success in fishing with a number of fish caught. It was just a personal angling goal I set for myself. 108 since were counting. In my area carp are not easy to fool and gets tons of bait pressure. So I was pretty stoked to see my personal progress in sight fishing for these spooky bastards. I have learned a huge amount about these fish in the last 5 years. They give me much joy and some days is like the first trying to figure them out. They aren't for everybody but they are for me.

I counted it!
Best or most fun trip of the year for me was probably Smallies on fly in Northern California. I grew up and spent 20 years fishing for nothing but Bass and I had one day that was hands down some of the best Smallmouth fishing Ive ever experienced. It was ridiculous. Also got to spend a week with my wife on that trip so it is a memorable one.

Personal Best Smallie on Fly

Northern California

Alaska was fun but more of a learning experience in many ways. I cant wait to return to what is in my opinion some of the most beautiful country on the planet. The people in Alaska were so damn friendly and I just can't say enough good things about the landscape, wildlife, Rivers and of course the fishing. It really is the last frontier.

The downer side to this year is the battle California anglers are currently tackling with our California Dept of Fish & Game. It's sad they cant take better care or put forth more effort in protecting the land and animals we the tax payers have in trusted them with. Topic for another day though.

So I would say all in all a good year. Some ups , some downs but I still have a another couple of weeks to close it out. Everyone have a fantastic Xmas and New year! Here are a few misc 2011 photos.

Monterey Bay Halibut


David Romanillos said...

Very good photos and come on with the carp ...
Greetings from Madrid

Shoreman said...

Writing, it's what we do. Reading others posts. It's also what we do. The DFG, money only goes so far, as we all know and California is mighty short on $$$$$$.


David McKenzie said...

But common sense goes a long way Mark. It doesn't take money to do what it is right. This isnt about lack of funds or staff. The people are already in place and paid for by you and me. Its about making sound decisions and not faliing to politcal pressure. The article is below in a november post.

Gregg said...

I really appreciate the carp. They are most accessible to me anyway, though a favorite spot is 100 miles away. Still, you had a bang up season. Shad, some what exotic, on my list.


David McKenzie said...

Thanks David! Nice blog. Shad are a lot of fun on fly Gregg. If the \wind is howling, as it often is here in Spring, I will pcik up a light spinnng rod for them also.

Gregg said...

Thank you David,

I worked out of Redding for a while long ago but couldn't bring a rod. Sad. Merry Christmas to you all.