Monday, May 30, 2011


Shad season is in full swing right now. It hasn't peaked yet, but it's close. I really look forward to it every year on my home water for lots of reasons. Mostly becouse,  it's a situatuion where I can sight fish them. Being able to sight fish American Shad in gin clear water, on the fly, is unique.  They are fast, have excellent vision and fight like hell on light tackle. The clear water provides a window to see this unfold and it's a ton of fun.  Years past I've always picked the days wind wasn't too bad, and I would boat fish them. Last year, I started targeting them on foot and find it much more enjoyable and a lot cheaper.

  Despite the 20+ kt wind, today was one of those days that started out good with a couple of fish right off the bat, then a really nice 19-20in fish grabed and went to battle. Then, Just like that I coudn't buy a bite. Lots of fish around, some follows and half hearted eats but nothing would stick. A little stealthier, lighter leader, color changes, this and that, ect ect ect..nada. This went on for about 3 frustrating hours until I made a move. Bingo, location is everything when shad fishing and I just wasn't around the right fish.. The last third of the day was awesome.


Shoreman said...

Hey David. Stopped by the fly shop yesterday morning and they said the Shad are in the American. I'm heading down on Friday to try my luck.


David McKenzie said...

Have fun Mark...Shad are a blast!