Monday, February 7, 2011


Small wild Coastal Ranbow Trout. Most likely decindents of a once wild Steelhead population cut off way down stream by man years and years ago. One can wonder what the Native Americans saw in these same pools a thousand years ago. A big fish here is 13 inches. I did catch a few little jewels on my poor interpritation of a caddis. I didn't catch many becouse they were so small and delicate. I just hiked around and watched them do what they do in the crystal clear water. An obvious sign we need more rain. Seemed almost shamful to harass such little fish. The "fishing" wasn't great but being there was awesome. The Crayfish in these Mtns grow to enormous size. Some are 8 or more inches in length. Neat place so close to home.

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Shoreman said...

Morning David. Nice color on the fish and the crayfish. Most crayfish I've seen are that brown color.