Monday, May 24, 2010

Tough fishin!

The wind howled in the Bay Area all weekend but Saterday afternoon there was a reported variable wind @ 2-5kt and it looked to be laying down from the morning blow. Hooked up and headed over to San Luis Reservior. Almost ripped my door off when I got out of the truck. 16 dollars poorer after putting money in the box, I decided it was fishable so we splashed the boat. Wind increased to 30 mmph and with guts higher. I was pissed. We bounced around and the lake looks great but it was actually, and this is rare, to windy to fish the lee side bays with any kind of tackle!

Sunday I decided I would hit the beach and see if I could do some perch on the fly and maybe get lucky on a Striper in the surf. Wasn't to be. From Pacifica south to Santa Cruz the wind was honking! The jaws at SC was dicey at best and some pretty large craft was in danger of getting thrown into the jetty if they didn't know what they were doing. Ok, plan B. I went to a little mercado and bought one can of Del Monte kernal corn. Yeah I know, not exactly a "river runs through it " moment but I wanted to catch fish dam it! From there I headed over to some carp water on the coast to try out some corn flies I got.

With renewed confidence I baited the area and waited around..nothin. Threw some more in and still, nothin. Third time I threw in and started to see one here and one there slowly mudding around. I cast on three fish in a row and they all refused and blew the area out. Almost ready to call it and I happen to look down and there is a fish about 7 feet from me looking happy... I was out on a long cast so stripped in real fast and dropped it right infront of him. Tail up and he eats. Cool! that fish ran off and the school bolted. Turns out I swung a little soon and he's hooked on the outside of the mouth. Tough day so it counts. I was able to get one more to eat and that was it. So, they work but so did I.

Tonight after work I went to a local creek that I know has big fish. This time I brought bread flies and some old sour dough bread. I pulled the bread apart in about the same size chunks as the fly and salted the area good. I threw that stuff right in a small tail out and the bread kind of circled around in the eddie. Bingo! The big boys were eating off the top in no time. Two fish refused the bread fly and the third fish came up and smashed it. HARD pulling fish of about 10-12 lbs. Those flies are sick and look JUST like and dam piece of bread. That was fun! Before I get hate mail about how this in not fly fishing, I witnessed these fish attack a five dollar foot long once so this is a natrual food source to them Ha. I feel no shame

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Shoreman said...

Nice Carp. I'm still getting past ashamed when I put on a Power Worm on my fly rod. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to.